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  • • Negative COVID-19 PCR or rapid antigen test result (issued in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, French or German) completed in the 24 hours before entry (or in the 24 hours before flight departure) for all travelers, except:
    - Travelers from ‘green’ countries.
    - Travelers carrying an EU Digital COVID Certificate, confirming full vaccination with an European Medicines Agency-approved vaccine or recovery in the 6 months preceding entry.
    - Children under 12
    - Travelers recovered from COVID-19, confirmed by a positive COVID-19 PCR or antigen test, completed between two weeks and six months before entry (or via an EU Digital COVID Certificate).
    - Essential workers, carrying employer confirmation.
    - Transiting travelers
    - Regular cross-border commuters for work or studies from Finland or Sweden; Travelers without a negative COVID-19 test result may be barred entry. Norwegian nationals will face a fine.

    • On-arrival COVID-19 rapid antigen test for all travelers, except those fully vaccinated holding an EU Digital COVID Certificate with a verifiable QR code. Border stations are equipped with testing facilities or police control. Travelers testing positive complete a PCR test, either immediately for travelers who have stayed outside the European Economic Area/Schengen Area in the 10 days preceding entry, or within 24 hours for other travelers.

    • Pre-travel registration is required for all travelers, including Norwegian citizens; except travelers carrying an EU Digital COVID Certificate.

    • 10-day quarantine for all travelers except:
    - Travelers carrying an EU Digital COVID Certificate, confirming full vaccination with an European Medicines Agency-approved vaccine or recovery in the 6 months preceding entry.
    - D number / personal number holders, vaccinated abroad with an EMA-approved vaccine, who registered the vaccine before travel via an e-consultation / video consultation with a GP, municipal health service or private health service in Norway (vaccination recorded in a separate journal and in SYSVAK (Norwegian health department’s internal system).
    - Residents of ‘green’ countries, who have stayed in these countries in the 10 days before entry.
    - Daily work commuters from Finland and Sweden, leaving Norway after each shift; carrying proof of residence in Finland/Sweden and a certificate from their Norwegian employer (including work location, working hours and possibility of daily commute); testing forCOVID-19 at least every 7 days (Norwegian employer must organize and finance testing); who have not been outside Finland or Sweden in the 10 days preceding entry. The exemption only applies during work, not leisure time.

    • Hotel quarantine is typically required for adult travelers, except for the following categories, who may quarantine at home or another suitable accommodation:
    - Fully vaccinated travelers, 21-105 days after the first vaccine dose.
    - Recovered travelers, recovered in the six months before entry.
    - Travelers from European Economic Area/Schengen Area countries with an infection rate under 500 per 100,000 residents, who stayed in such countries in the 10 days before entry.
    - Travelers from other European Economic Area/Schengen Area countries or the United Kingdom; they start hotel quarantine but may switch to residential quarantine if testing negative no sooner than three days after arrival.

    • Other relevant considerations on quarantine include:
    - Travelers subject to hotel quarantine must complete a COVID-19 test on day 3 of quarantine and test negative to be able to complete the quarantine period at home.
    - Travelers subject to home quarantine can end quarantine with a negative result from a COVID-19 PCR test taken on day 3 of quarantine.
    - Detailed information on quarantine exemptions is available.
    - Employers can apply to the Labor Inspection Authority via Altinn to have employer provided accommodation registered as suitable for quarantine. Members of the same household may quarantine in approved accommodation together.

    • Travelers to Svalbard and Jan Mayen quarantine in mainland Norway before travelling further.

  • • Immigration application processing has resumed.
    - Consular posts are reopening, subject to local pandemic-related restrictions.
    - Service Centers for Foreign Workers (SUAs) are generally open.
    - Tax offices are generally open.
    - Immigration offices at local police stations are operating with limited capacity, and some have started scheduling appointments. Foreign nationals can only visit the police station in the municipality in which they reside.

    • Immigration application processing currently takes approximately 56 days, up from the standard 28 days.

    • As a reminder, appointment availability for both immigration and tax processes is limited in July August.

    • Travel Restrictins: Entry ban for most third-country nationals without a residence permit except:
    - Travelers from EU/European Economic Area countries who are fully vaccinated or recovered in the 6 months before entry, holding a Digital COVID Certificate with a verifiable QR code.
    - Travelers from ‘green’ countries, who have stayed in these countries in the 10 days before entry.
    - Norwegian nationals and residents.
    - Foreign nationals with a family immigration permit in Norway.
    - Close family members of Norwegian registered residents (carrying documents to confirm the family relation).
    - European Economic Area/UK residents, who are adult (step)children, (step)parents of adult (step)children, (step)grandparents, and (step)grandchildren of Norwegian residents.
    - European Economic Area/UK residents, who are romantic partners over 18 years old of Norwegian residents, and their minor children, where the relationship lasted at least nine months and they have previously met physically (carrying prior consent by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI)).
    - Commuters between Nordic countries.
    - Foreign nationals entering Norway for scheduled contact with their children.
    - Foreign nationals with special reasons such as care responsibilities for persons in Norway or other strong welfare considerations.
    - Foreign nationals in certain occupations such as journalists, sailors and aviation personnel, goods and passenger transporters, and researchers and crew on marine research cruises, among others.
    - Foreign nationals with an exemption from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (i.e., those who perform work that is strictly necessary to maintain activity in a Norwegian company) and their family members holding family member residence permits.
    - Foreign nationals with an invitation from the Norwegian authorities.
    - Foreign nationals transiting through Norway (both in international airport transit and within Schengen).
    - Foreign nationals working in critical societal functions.
    - Permanent residents of Svalbard, or those who need to travel through Norway on their way to work or residence on Svalbard.

    • Entry remains at the discretion of border officials.

    • Certain entry points are closed to enforce on-arrival testing.

    • Entry and exit controls at the Schengen border continue.

    • Effective August 1, students will be permitted entry.

  • • Yes, all services are being delivered with strong focus on infection control where services are accompanied.

    • Sharing a vehicle between viewings is not possible until the assignee has finished the quarantine period.

  • • Yes, All bookings are being made virtually.

    • No face-to-face support available.

    • Apartments are currently available.

  • • All educational institutions are open with strict guidelines and focus on hygiene and general COVID-19 guidelines.

    • Each municipality has the authority to put stronger measures in place if needed, such as digital classrooms or a mixture of both

    • If a student or an employee of a school tests positive, the same school will, based on the severity of the situation, either close down the whole school or some classes, this is evaluated on a case by case basis.

    • Some school districts are running digital teaching in combination with physical teaching.

  • • Shops and services have reopened; festivals remain banned.

    • Most restaurants have limited opening hours, generally closing at 23.00 but local municipalities can enforce stronger measures.

    • Norway has a steady trend/curve of Corona cases at the moment so there can be sudden changes to guidelines or regulations that will be communicated.

    • You should always check the local measures for you municipality as these measures can be stricter than the local measures

    • Bars and other facilities that sell alcohol have reopened with limited opening hours.

  • • Normal transport services have resumed.

    • Restricted number of passengers on public transport (underground, train, bus, trams etc.); normal timetables are being enforced.

    • Airlines: passengers must wear masks (not provided by airline - passengers must bring masks).

    • Norwegian Institute of Public Health has advised people should use masks when using public transportation in Oslo, Bergen Stavanger.
  • Household Goods

    Survey (Video/In-person)
    • Video Only

    Packing/Delivery Services (After Customs Clearance) Available?
    • Yes

    Freight Availability/Cost
    • Air: Yes, but restrictions to some countries due to closed borders
    • Sea: Normal service at present

    Road Availability
    • Limited trucking capacity available; high

    Can packing/delivery take place without customer, or nominated representative?
    • No, customer must sign waiver if nominating a representative

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