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  • • Vaccinated travelers: The Canadian government has defined “fully vaccinated travelers” as individuals who have received full doses (or a combination of doses that would amount to a full dose) of approved vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)) at least 14 days prior to entering Canada. A traveler who has only received one dose of Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca/COVIDSHIELD would not be considered “fully vaccinated”. The proof of vaccination must be in English or French or include a certified translation.

    • Travelers who are fully-vaccinated are not subject to quarantine or required to take a COVID-19 test upon entry unless randomly selected to do so. However, they must test negative on a COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to travel.

    • Vaccinated travelers must upload their information on the ArriveCAN app prior to travel to Canada.

    • If traveling by air, a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of scheduled departure time to Canada is required for all travelers age 5 and older. If traveling by car or boat, within 72 hours of arrival.

    • Travelers from India must obtain a COVID-19 test from the Genestrings Laboratory in the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi within 18 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure, which can be booked at:

    • To address the potential for residual positive tests, travelers who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 can provide proof of a positive COVID-19 test collected between 14 to 90 days of their departure for Canada, instead of a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours.

    • 14-day enforced quarantine upon entry to Canada, applicable to all incoming travelers with limited exceptions.
    - Persons determined by the Chief Public Health Office to be providing an essential service may be deemed exempt.
    - Fully-vaccinated travelers (at least 14 days prior to entry).

  • • Inland Case Processing Centers are operating with lower staffing levels, which has increased processing times.

    • TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS: Suspension of commercial and passenger flights from Morocco.

    • Direct flights from India to Canada have resumed for discretionary and other purposes.

    • Travelers from all other countries who have been fully vaccinated for at least 14 days can enter Canada.

    • Travelers who are not fully-vaccinated entering Canada for a "non-essential" purpose, defined as tourism, entertainment, or recreation (and which also includes a wider range of "non-essential" reasons) is still prohibited.

    • The current entry ban for travelers who are not fully-vaccinated may not apply to asymptomatic:
    - Canadian citizens, their immediate family members and certain extended family members.
    - Canadian permanent residents, their immediate family members and certain extended family members
    - Immediate family members of Canadian temporary residents (work permit holders, study permit holders, visitors) who reside in Canada, for the purpose of reunification after obtaining a family reunification letter (if they are traveling from the United States, they do not require a family reunification letter from the IRCC but must provide evidence that their travel is non-discretionary, such as to establish themselves with some degree of "permanence" with the spouse, common-law partner or family member).
    - Foreign nationals holding a valid work permit for a specific employer or foreign nationals holding a valid open work permit (travelers should be able to provide proof of their valid work permit and those holding an open work permit should carry a recent job offer from their employer to prove that their travel is non-discretionary, unless falling under the category of immediate family members of Canadian temporary residents seeking to reside in Canada.
    - Foreign nationals who received a positive decision from the IRCC (documented by a letter of introduction) on a work permit application but whose work permit has not yet been issued. The foreign national's trip must not be discretionary or optional.
    - Foreign nationals who are work-permit exempt (only temporary resident visa or electronic travel authorization required) seeking to work in essential occupations, including but not limited to providers of emergency services; persons permitted to work as a student in a health field; persons in the marine transportation sector who are essential for the movement of goods; persons delivering, maintaining or repairing medically necessary equipment or devices; and persons entering Canada to deliver cells, blood and blood products, tissues, organs and other body parts that are required for patient care. Additionally, persons determined by the Chief Public Health Office to be providing an essential service such as technicians or specialists specified by a government, manufacturer or company as required to install, inspect, maintain or repair equipment necessary to support critical infrastructure; persons entering to perform maintenance, installation, inspection or repair as part of an existing warranty or sales agreement, or persons supporting commercial or research open water aquaculture-related activities.
    - Foreign nationals without work authorization but intending to work and perform specific duties, if arriving directly from the United States.
    - Foreign nationals approved for permanent residence, residing outside of Canada who have not yet landed to become permanent residents.
    - Foreign diplomats and their immediate family members.
    - Flight and marine crews; and
    - Other various protected persons.

    • All incoming international passenger flights can land at: Calgary (YYC), Edmonton (YEG), Halifax (YHZ), Montreal (YUL), Ottawa (YOW), Quebec City (YQB), Toronto (YYZ), Vancouver (YVR), and Winnipeg (YWG) airports.
  • Service are available.
  • Services are avaialble.

  • • Please see link below for status updates on regional school openings:

  • • As Canada continues to grapple with the pandemic, the province of Quebec has become the first province in the country to impose a curfew in its efforts to control the spread of the novel coronavirus and quell the second wave.

    • Under the new rules, an overnight curfew will be put in place from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. beginning on January until 8 February.

    • People will not be allowed out of their homes during those hours unless they are going to work or for medical reasons.

    • All grocery stores and corner stores will be required to close at 7:30 p.m. to respect the curfew.

    • Gas stations will be allowed to stay open longer, and Pharmacies will also be allowed under the new rules to remain open after 8 p.m.

    • Lockdown measures for non-essential businesses will remain in place until 8 Febraury with curbside pick-up allowed.

    • Bars and restaurants can only provide take-out and delivery services.

    • Gyms and entertainment venues are to remain closed.

    • Churches and other places of worship have been ordered to close.

    • All schools are open for in-person classes.

    • Outdoor individual pursuits such as skiing, cross country skiing, jogging, going for walks, and skating will be allowed.

    • Those disobeying the curfew could face fines ranging between $1,000 and $6,000.

  • • Transportation is available.

    • All air and rail passengers, including those traveling to or within Canada, are requried to wear appropriate face covering upon boarding.
  • Household Goods

    Survey (Video/In-person)
    • Vancouver, BC: Virtual only
    • Toronto, ON: Yes, both

    Packing/Delivery Services (After Customs Clearance) Available?
    • Vancouver, BC: Yes
    • Toronto, ON: Yes

    Freight Availability/Cost
    Normal Operations; cost varies depending on origin/destination

    Road Availability
    • Vancouver, BC: yes
    • Toronto, ON: yes

    Can packing/delivery take place without customer, or nominated representative?
    • Vancouver, BC: yes, with client representative.
    • Toronto, ON: yes, with client representative.

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